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Owned and operated by Virginia Cavallaro, Lakehill Kennels, located in Crawfordville, Florida, is proud of its rich heritage and long established breeding program. Lakehill has produced quality shetland sheepdogs for over 30 years. ck the links below about the bloodlines, the other breeding programs (beagles, birds etc. with links) and Ginny's honors and offices in the ASSA leading into:

Proud members of the

American Shetland Sheepdog Association

American Sheland SheepDog Association since 19__

Other Associations listed here

More Associations (Try to include logos when available)

Link to American Kennel Club (Sheltie Standard)

Ochlockonee Kennel Club (past president years etc)


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sable The Foundation Meet/Remember Our Dogs of the Past: - do link to a page that is a list or a table, each dog having his own picture become link for a full pedigree display

bluemerle Dogs at Stud Currently: talk more about the dog on his link page: link out to full pedigree, pics of progeny, or maybe a multi picture page of him

tri Current Litters or Dogs for Sale: links to pedigree from thumbnail pics or from Sire/Dam list: could subdivide into Bitches and Dogs for the semi grown. Then you can put a drop down inquiry box for them to fill in requirements and you to contact them.

sable Upcoming Breedings: insert a table with each breeding planned and drop down box

blubut.jpg (1447 bytes) Lakehill Kennel Facilities: Boarding/Breeding/etc Table with prices; hours/ rules etc

tribut.jpg (1399 bytes) Other breeding programs? Like the beagles (do you still do them?)

bwbut2.gif (1039 bytes) Links to recommended sites (Stuff you want them to see like ASSA page etc.)



You might subdivide here to show how diverse you are like with blah blah about how you work with Steve and Paul in showing your dogs, or stuff about Ron and/or Betsey and have some other style of buttons or setup. You may have already thought of ways you want to set up the main page. Think of it as your launch is this page that introduces you and your activities and sends them on to the others. It is the BIG PR page...detail for the other pages. We can elect to send them either back here from those or include specialized links from each of those. For Instance, from the Litters Available you could include a link to a page (either yours or someone elses) on puppy care, contracts for replacements, all that business stuff, and include a link back to the main page as well)

rightpaw.gif (249 bytes)Handlers/Partners in Showing (I don't know what you want to do here...natural link to Steve)

rightpaw.gif (249 bytes)Champions and Pointed Dogs during the last year? Show records? Something like that.

rightpaw.gif (249 bytes)Group Placements over the years or get the drift

aninewpaw.gif (2018 bytes)Recent Show Results!!!



Bulletarr.gif (140 bytes)The birds? May need another kind of button for this one J

These are only some sample buttons (NOT to be thought of as definitive or written in granite since I can't even remember where the brown is on a tri-color so didn't bother with any) I have just worked these up (stealing elements on top of the list below from the ASSA or other WWW sheltie pages) for those things above which are called "list items" for you to choose from or to give you an idea of the kind of things that can be done...there are millions of buttons premade available on the WWW. Find any picture or little symbol you like (and there are many places you can see hundreds listed) - the thing is to stay consistent or thematic for the visual impact I think. If you use the same background from page to page and similar buttons, your pages end up looking a lot more professional.

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You could for instance, replace the above usage, where I varied the colors within each section by making just 3 categories and using the tricolor for one, the sable for another and the blue for the 3rd, not using the paw one at all. Or you could use the no backgrounds for one thing, the black backgrounds for another thing or some other color choice for a third background for a third. There are a million ways to vary them. You need to decide the sort of theme.

Type some concluding text.

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