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pawbut.gif (152 bytes) When evaluating dogs from a judging or breeding standpoint, the most common faults I find are lack of neck, thus not a good outline, too many straight fronts and wide back skulls.  I find I still look first at a dog's face, and thus head and eye, then body and movement.  I will reject him on poor movement, however. In my own breeding program, I think Ch. Lakehill King O'The Road exemplifies what I want in all my dogs...that is, outline, balance and lovely head and eye.  What I often need is more coat, although Florida isn't the best coat-growing State.  I could use a bit more finish of underjaw and I wish they all had tight high set ears, naturally.

pawbut.gif (152 bytes) Past breeders who had the biggest impact on the Shelties of today are those who also had the biggest impact when I originally got into Shelties.  Their influence is many generations removed, but very significant still.  I was very fortunate to have met these breeders and see their dogs.  I'm specifically referring to Mary Van Wageman and Evelyn Davis of Sea Isle, and Betty Whelan of Pocono.  It is their dogs behind most prominent kennels today.  I am lucky in that they are not "HISTORY" to me, they are what I learned from!  I also include Jean Cunningham Jeu's, the Lingard dogs and Fran Mays' Kiloren dogs, among others.

pawbut.gif (152 bytes) There are many current breeders whom I admire, more than I will be able to mention.   Tom and Nioma Coen of Macdega have had a huge impact on today's Shelties.  Tom keeps coming up with top quality Shelties year after year.  Peter Pumpkin, Grand Prix, and Piano Man have influenced more than a few kennels.

pawbut.gif (152 bytes) Barbara Thompson has also produced typey, quality dogs for years.  I've always admired Peggy and Jan Haderlie's dogs, who I usually only get to see at Nationals, along with Noel Bosse's pretty dogs.  I also admire many of the bloodlines I don't work with and I look forward to seeing their latest crop each year at the National.  I have always admired Barbara Linden's September Shelties.  Obviously, Ron Lackey's Cahaba Kennels, where I went to get back into sables myself is a favorite.

The most memorable and lovely Shelties I recall over the past thirty-five years are legion...
but some of the most notable were:

GCPUMPK.jpg (464021 bytes)

highborn.gif (27518 bytes)

Ch. Halston's Peter Pumpkin ROM Ch. Banchory High Born ROM
Thunderation.jpg (25272 bytes) GCSEAILE.jpg (48941 bytes)
Ch Chenterra Thunderation ROM Ch. Sea Isle Serenade ROM

are all ideal examples of the standard, and great Sires and Show dogs.  Not to forget the girls:

GCHEERED.jpg (359835 bytes)

Gcstlmag.jpg (951851 bytes)

GCTRSURE.jpg (789721 bytes)

Ch. Tall Timbers Thousands Cheered Ch. Ashwood Steel Magnolia Ch. Victory's Hidden Treasure

pawbut.gif (152 bytes)I have to add that besides the love, companionship and innumerable perks the dogs give us, it is the people you meet through these doggy endeavors who are as important as the dogs are themselves.  I have made lifetime friends and I have made new friends who will, I know, become old friends.  They make it fun to compete and share the love of Shelties and certainly enrich my life.