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These are dogs of special note, usually found somewhere in the pedigrees of Lakehill lines, whose pictures we thought you might enjoy seeing.   Because of the graphical nature of this page, it may take some time to load. Please be patient, for you will be well rewarded with pictures, some of which may be hard to find from prior generations.

GCBRUCE.jpg (13871 bytes)

GCGPRIX.jpg (11417 bytes)

Luke.jpg (22572 bytes)

Ch. Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM

Ch. Glenhart Macdega Grand Prix ROM

Ch. Calcurt Luke ROM

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sport.jpg (26068 bytes)

Gchiant2.jpg (428539 bytes)

Ch. Bil-bo-dot Blue Flag Of Pocono ROM

Ch. Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM

Ch. Peacewynde Chianti

GCJUSTCE.jpg (44617 bytes)

Spirit.jpg (19195 bytes)

GCFSTFUL.jpg (88735 bytes)

Ch. O'Davak Justice Prevails

Ch. Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM

Ch. Duluta Fist Full Of Dollars

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GCTURBO.jpg (114286 bytes)

GCTBURON.jpg (18403 bytes)

Foxglove Ashburton Hi Octane - "Turbo"
Ch. Lakehill King O'The Road x Foxglove Ashburton Ingenue

Ch. Macdega Tiburon