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Shelties of Distinction

PEDIGREE OF:  Lakehill Ruby Crystal
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May 8, 1990 - November 14, 1993

Ruby Crystal had fourteen points, including three majors, before a very untimely accidental death.  She remains a favorite of mine, and is a very correct and lovely example of type. She will always be missed. Her pedigree is a typical example of Lakehill's basic sable line.

CALL NAME:   Ruby COLOR:  Sable

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Color & Label Key
Females Males
Labels Ancestral Generation Keywords,  OFA Certified (Free of Hip Dysplasia)
Registry of Merit: Awarded  to those dogs who have produced 10 and those bitches who have produced 5 or more Champion offspring

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GreatgreatGrandSire: Ch. Macdega The Piano Man ROM
GreatGrandSire: Ch. Macdega Maserati ROM
GreatgreatGrandDam: Ch. Macdega One Day At A Time
GrandSire: Ch. Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM OFA
GreatgreatGrandSire: Ch. Macdega Canden Coming Home
GreatGrandDam:Glenhart Ring Of Gold
GreatgreatGrandDam: Glenhart Ring My Belle
Sire: Ch. Lakehill King O'The Road
GreatgreatGrandSire: Ch. Sunnybrook's Matchmaker (9 champions)
GreatGrandSire: Ch. Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM
GreatgreatGrandDam: Romayne's Close Encounter
GrandDam: Ch. Lakehill Heritage Crystal
GreatgreatGrandSire: Ch. Cahaba's Magic O'Marion
GreatGrandDam: Lakehill Sassafras Lass
GreatgreatGrandDam: Wistwin Dark Furze
Lakehill's Ruby Crystal
GreatgreatGrandSire: Ch. Romayne's Sportin Life ROM
GreatGrandSire: Ch. Sunnybrook's Matchmaker (9 champions)
GreatgreatGrandDam: Ch. Beltane Romayne
GrandSire: Ch. Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM
GreatgreatGrandSire: Ch. September's Rainmaker ROM
GreatGrandDam: Romayne's Close Encounter
GreatgreatGrandDam: Ch. Romayne's Sportin Chance
Dam: Ch. Lakehill Heritage Crystal
GreatgreatGrandSire: Ch. Lingard Centurion O'Cahaba ROM
GreatGrandSire: Ch. Cahaba's Magic O'Marion
GreatgreatGrandDam: Ch. Cahaba's Annie O'Mistimoor
GrandDam: Lakehill Sassafras Lass
GreatgreatGrandSire: Ch. Babinette Beau Brummel
GreatGrandDam: Wistwin Dark Furze
GreatgreatGrandDam: Wistwin Caroline Crinoline

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